SC-01, Have you no shame?

For those of you living in South Carolina’s first congressional district, I have one question. Have you no shame?

Mark Sanford’s re-election to his former post as your U.S. Representative would be laughable if it didn’t show the utter ignorance, hypocracy, and blind loyalty of 54% of the voters of that district. These results, combined with the 2012 re-election of TN-04 Rep. Scott DesJarlais, show that most people voting Republican are doing so strictly because there is an (R) behind the name on the ballot.

Let me break it down for you. Mark Sanford is a dirty liar. He took off on a trip to Argentina to see his mistress and told everyone he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. While he was governor… of a state. So if there had been an emergency like a tornado outbreak, terrorist attack, or tsunami, ol’ Mark would have had to span a quarter of the globe to get back home. This alone should have gotten him impeached (and it nearly did).

He’s a corrupt hypocrite too. On an earlier trip, he used state funds for his jaunt to Argentina. In his defense he did pay all that money back, but not until the scandal broke and a reporter dug it up. Additionally, he used state aircraft for other personal and political trips, including one to get a haircut… in violation of SC state law. So much for integrity and so much for fiscal responsibility (which is what he ran on in his most recent campaign).

This guy is a low down, despicable person who really needed to fade into obscurity and never be heard from again. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how in the world this guy even won his primary, let alone won his election.