2015 Sep 15

Error converting data type DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to datetime2

Okay, so here is a post that has been months in the making. Lately I’ve been working on an ETL project, mostly the E and T parts. The project involves exporting data from a database via an ODBC driver (AcuODBC to be exact). I don’t have any control over the database being accessed other... Read more

2015 Apr 03

Setting up Apache Virtual Hosts on FreeBSD 10.1

I’ve been messing around on DigitalOcean with a FreeBSD 10.1 droplet. First let me say that FreeBSD is awesome. The thing that I like the most about the BSDs is that they don’t beat about the bush when it comes to making an OS because the purpose of each BSD is the... Read more

2014 Dec 08

The purpose of Twitter Bootstrap

Okay, so I rarely make websites or blog anymore. I’ll admit that I’ve fallen a bit out of touch with regard to the latest and greatest web technologies. But I’ve surprised even myself in the amount of time it has taken for me to understand Bootstrap. In case you didn’t... Read more

2014 May 17

Why I'm no longer a Google fanboy

I used to be a Google fanboy (my wife is still a Google fangirl). I used to sing their praises and recommend their software and services to anyone who asked for the slightest computer advice. But lately I’ve been rethinking my stance on Google and have started moving in other... Read more

2013 Nov 29

Deleting Your Google Apps for Your Domain Account

Okay, I spent about an hour trying to figure this out and finally did it. Google does not make deleting information easy because that information is their product. So the documentation about this particular subject is very sparse and ultimately I got what I needed from a obscure post in... Read more