2014 May 17

Why I'm no longer a Google fanboy

I used to be a Google fanboy (my wife is still a Google fangirl). I used to sing their praises and recommend their software and services to anyone who asked for the slightest computer advice. But lately I’ve been rethinking my stance on Google and have started moving in other... Read more

2013 Nov 29

Deleting Your Google Apps for Your Domain Account

Okay, I spent about an hour trying to figure this out and finally did it. Google does not make deleting information easy because that information is their product. So the documentation about this particular subject is very sparse and ultimately I got what I needed from a obscure post in... Read more

2013 Jun 12

Web’s Dead, Baby: Part 2

Well, now that I’ve made you wait a couple of weeks to tell you why the Web is dead, I guess it’s time to disappoint (nothing can live up to that amount of hype). As my one piece of evidence I present this link. Go ahead, look at it. I’ll... Read more

2013 May 26

Web’s Dead, Baby: Part 1

Twenty two years is a good run for most technology these days. In fact it’s a phenomenal run. That’s how long the World Wide Web has been in existence. But I’m here today to tell you that the web as we know it is DEAD! (The irony of making this... Read more

2013 May 10

SC-01, Have you no shame?

For those of you living in South Carolina’s first congressional district, I have one question. Have you no shame? Mark Sanford’s re-election to his former post as your U.S. Representative would be laughable if it didn’t show the utter ignorance, hypocracy, and blind loyalty of 54% of the voters of... Read more